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Getting Started

Create an Account

To be able to apply to a study abroad program you need to have an account on our site:

  1. In the Create Account section, fill in your information, choose a password and press the button to create your account.

  2. You will then need to complete your student profile and you will be ready to apply to a study abroad program.

Find a Study Abroad Program

You can find study abroad programsthrough the interactive world map:

  1. In the Programs section, you will be able to see on the map which world regions have study abroad programs available for Youngstown State University students.

  2. By selecting a world region, the map zooms in and shows the different countries in that region where there are available study abroad programs.

  3. You can select a country either from the list on the left or by clicking on it on the map.

  4. Selecting a country will take you to that country\'s description page, where you can find information about the country and the available study abroad programs on the bottom of the page.

  5. Clicking on a specific program will take you to a program\'s description page where you can learn more about the study abroad program.

Apply to a Study Abroad Program

If you would like to apply to a studyabroad program, you need to be logged in to your account. You canthen apply as follows:

  1. Go to the interactive world map and find the country description page where the program you are interested in is.

  2. Click the apply link next to the program name. This will notify our office that you are applying to the selected study abroad program.

Youngstown State University StudyAbroad Programs: For our in-house programs you can apply fromwithin your account.

External Provider Study AbroadPrograms: For external provider programs, you will need to clickon the program name and go to the external provider\'s website,where you will follow their instructions on how to apply to theirprogram.

As your status changes during theadmission and enrollment process, you should update it by logging into your account on our site and making the necessary changes in theMy Applications section so that we are up-to-date on yourstudy abroad status.

Youngstown State University International Programs Office